Skills development


For 10 - 14 years


Pass Soccer Academy’s skills development programme runs weekly football sessions for girls and boys wanting to develop their soccer skills to an advanced level.

Our professional coaches believe the best environment for skills development is a fun one and that’s why this programme is all about your child having fun with their new football friends.

The programme nurtures all the basic football skills and develops new advanced skills and techniques. At this stage we begin to introduce more advanced aspects of the game such as phases of play and conditioned games. Now the body is starting to develop we will emphasise the importance of a high-tempo dynamic warm-up and look at different positions which suits an individual best.


The programme caters for all abilities from beginners to more experienced players and is divided into relevant age groups. As part of the skills development programme, we start to look at the values of a nutritional diet and the importance of an active lifestyle.


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Time: 1 hour

Ages: 10-14 year olds

Group size: Maximum of 12 players per coach